12 Apr The Lure of The Spanish Capital

Many people first thing of Barcelona when they picture Spanish cities, but to avoid the other options would be a huge mistake. You’re missing out on the capital! Madrid is a lively, vibrant, and fantastic city to visit, and a wonderful blend of old royal history,...

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11 Mar Can You Do Europe On A Budget?

Some people think of Europe as a place where majestic and regal castles and palaces are everywhere, where men and women dressed in fancy and elegant clothing roam and eat six-course meals in five-star restaurants. While that imagery is a bit true, in a way,...

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26 Feb What To Do With A Month In Thailand

Formerly known as Siam, Thailand is one of the most visited countries in Southeast Asia, with about thirty millions of tourists every year. Its natural beauty, fascinating history, interesting culture, and welcoming people are things that consistently draw travellers from all parts of the world...

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09 Feb 5 Best Free Things To Do In Paris

Home to several iconic sights and attractions, Paris is among the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world. This European city, despite being an expensive place to vacation in, welcomes millions of visitors from all parts of the globe all-year round. For travellers that are budget-conscious,...

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