11 Jan 10 Best Destinations For Budget Travellers in 2017

Exploring the world is on top of many people’s goals in life, and while it may seem expensive, it can actually be done on a budget.

Affordable tourist destinations are not unheard of. There are so many of them, so the belief that you need to be loaded to be able to visit a city on the other side of the planet should be thrown out the window.

The following are some of the world’s most budget-friendly countries that offer not only beautiful and mesmerizing landmarks and attractions, but also stellar and unforgettable travel experiences.


Best known for the Angkor Wat, Cambodia is a wonderful and friendly country that is rich in history and culture. It is a top destination for budget travelers as a private room there costs about $US20 per night, a full meal less than US$5, and a bus ticket from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap around $US15.


The islands of Indonesia are not only known for their fantastic sceneries but also for their budget-friendliness. For a dollar or two, you can enjoy a full lunch or dinner there.


Another Southeast Asian country in the list is Laos, which is a nation celebrated for its mountains and Buddhist temples and monasteries. For less than US$30 a day, you can get a good night’s sleep in a private room and get a taste of their appetizing street foods.


Thailand is a special place where pristine beaches and untouched nature are abundant. Tourists that visit the country can spend no more than US$30 for accommodation, local transportation, and street foods per day.


Seeing the stunning and spectacular attractions in Vietnam will not leave you broke as this country is so affordable, you can feast on various delicious Vietnamese dishes three times a day for under US$5.


Despite the damage the big 2015 earthquake in Nepal brought, the country remains a popular tourist destination for shoestring travelers. If you want to try authentic Nepalese fine-dining, a three-course meal costs less than US$9.


Bulgaria is home to many charming and fascinating architecture and sights, and it is not as expensive as many might think. For only about US$5, you can enjoy a liter of beer and a large Turkish sandwich filled with veggies, chicken, and tasty sauces.

Czech Republic

Compared to other European destinations, Czech Republic is a lot more budget-friendly. A half liter of beer is about US$1, cab fare from the airport to downtown Prague is less than US$45, and sandwiches and sausages sold in street stalls cost under US$2.


An awesome place for different types of water activities, such as swimming and surfing, Nicaragua is a low-cost Central American destination where a bed in a hostel dormitory costs around US$5 per night.


The grandeur of the Machu Picchu is a major tourist draw of Peru, so if you are seriously planning to visit this South American country, be ready for how cheap and affordable everything is. A cab ride around the capital city Lima should not cost more than US$10, and a full Peruvian meal falls somewhere between US$1 and US$10.

Some rights reserved by Christian Junker | Photography