22 Sep The Beauty And Might of Nature in One Destination


Nature is truly wonderful – thing else on this planet is quite as special, magnetic, jaw-dropping, beautiful, and sometimes terrifying, than the true might and the true beauty of what Mother Nature has created, and continually brings our way.

Whilst many countries on this huge planet of ours has plentiful nature, most of it truly stunning, there are few destinations which pack so much into one set of country borders. We are of course talking about the Central American wonder of Costa Rica.

Once upon a time you needed to have a rather large stash of cash to be able to visit this country, which shares borders with Nicaragua and Panama, but these days, the cost of flying has dropped dramatically, and with this comes tourism. Costa Rica is not a country which is ever going to become overrun with mass tourism, and even though you won’t struggle to find Costa Rica rentals for your place to stay, you’re never going to feel like you’re in the middle of a huge resort either. This is a major plus point for anyone who wants rest, relaxation, and tranquillity, in one of the most stunningly beautiful environments on the planet.

San Jose, the capital city, is large and it is bustling at times, but it is surrounded by total and utter peace and quiet, with an abundance of national parks dotted around the country. These vary from tropical rainforests to stunning beaches, to mountains, volcanos, lakes, and bubbling hot springs. This is a country of variation, and each variation is beautiful in its own right.

Of course, this being very close to the equator, the weather is truly tropical, and instead of having the traditional four season, there are actually two – the wet and the dry seasons. These are typically referred to as winter and summer, but the temperatures aren’t really vastly different. The wet season runs from May until November, with the dry season being December until April. There are parts of the country which gets rain no matter which section it falls into, but the main visited areas do follow this rule.

Around a quarter of the country’s territory is protected, which tells you a lot about the amount of special nature which is found here. There are some remote parts of the country, which are a bit harder to visit, but not impossible; these areas will give you greater rewards for your effort, so it’s definitely worth getting adventurous! The South Pacific region is home t some of the world’s most downright beautiful beaches, and they are so of the map that you’re never going to see many visitors aside from yourself – no crowds! On top of this, Guanacaste is another area which is fantastic to see. This is the driest part of the country, and is home to some fantastic beaches, amazing surfing conditions, and as you head up towards Nicaragua, you’ll find more national parks to take your breath away.

There is no denying however that the Central Valley, the Central Pacific, and the Plains of The North, are the most visited areas. The main airport and San Jose are in the Central Valley, whereas the main beaches and resorts are in the Central Pacific area. The Plains of The North are home to the country’s biggest and most famous attraction – Arenal. This is a huge, active volcano, and around it there are bubbling hot springs, huge volcanic lakes, mountains, and amazing scenery. This area is where you will truly be able to see the might and calmness of Mother Nature herself, side by side. This is something not to miss!

Costa Rica is lucky enough to have a coastline on two of the most idyllic and famous bodies of water, the Caribbean Sea, and the Pacific Ocean. This should tell you a lot about the standard of the beaches on offer, and if you head down to the South Pacific region, and you see those amazing beaches we were talking about, you will probably be beach-spoilt for life!

Anyone who loves nature will be in their element in Costa Rica, and there are many dedicated ecotourism trips on offer. If you don’t wan to venture off into the rainforest on your own, or you don’t want to go to a certain part of the country alone, because you’re not that experienced in lone travel, you and had off on a trip instead, a guided one, which will give you the safety net of an excursion, but still allow you to see those areas which are a little more remote. Checking out the biodiversity of Costa Rica to the full is one of the ways to really experience the country as a whole. Whilst you can do the usual tourism route here, e.g. nightlife, gastronomy, shopping, and beach time, usually around San Jose and the Central Pacific region, you can also head into total tranquillity and escape from the rat race too.

Costa Rica is a country where you will want to turn off your phone, and really immerse yourself in the wonder and magnificence of Mother Nature herself. Whereas once upon a time it was difficult to visit this country, nowadays it’s not hard at all. This is a true gift, and one that you should be grabbing with both hands!

The only question now? When are you going to go?