17 Aug 5 Best Free Things To Do In London

A vacation in London can be done on a tight budget if you take advantage of the free things that are offered in this lovely and charming city. Forget sights and attractions that charge more than US$50! You can still have a worthwhile and grand time exploring London by checking out the following places and activities that will cost you no money at all:


Many London museums are free to visit. Some of the best ones that should be in your itinerary are:

  • National History Museum – features a wide variety of exhibits, including dinosaur displays, mammal models, and a Diplodocus skeleton.
  • Museum of London – showcases galleries and artifacts from London’s prehistoric past, and the civil war and plague years.
  • Bank of England Museum – provides information on the history of the Bank of England, from the year it was founded, in 1694, up to its function as the country’s central bank today.
  • Victoria and Albert Museum – gives a thorough look at the more than 3,000 years of human art and design works through collections of paintings, galleries, jewelry, and other pieces.
  • Museum of London Docklands – reveals the stories behind London’s migration, commerce, and trade activities over the past 200 years through ancient finds, galleries, and other exhibits.


Both locals and foreigners in London can relax in some of the city’s parks free of charge. These places are home to a diverse flora and fauna that adults and children will surely appreciate. If you want to see deers, visit Richmond Park and Bushy Park. For jogging or running, Wimbledon Common and Hyde Park cover a wide area to accommodate those looking to exercise. To see owls, bats, woodpeckers, and other nature beings, drop by St. James’ Park.

Walking Tours

London has an abundance of breath-taking sights and sceneries, so walking along its streets is highly recommended. After visiting the St. Paul’s Cathedral, go walk across the Millennium Bridge to get to Shakespeare’s Globe and Tate Modern. Take pictures along the South Bank. Stroll along Little Venice and have an afternoon tea in one of the cafes and pubs.


Some music schools and establishments in London offer free shows and concerts occasionally, and if you want to attend at least one, you have to check their calendars in advance to be able to squeeze it in your itinerary. For example, Hootananny Brixton offers free shows that feature folk, roots, reggae, and ska music regularly, and The Royal College of Music and the National Theatre usually hold free performances during lunchtimes.


Take pictures with the Trafalgar Square stone lions. Listen to the chimes of the Big Ben while getting ready for a photo. Stand by the Piccadilly Circus lights and photograph yourself with it in the background. Be at the Buckingham Palace to witness the Changing of the Guard ceremony and take a selfie. Check out the world-famous Abbey Road, where the legendary band, The Beatles, posed for an album cover, and take a picture there too.

Photo Credit: murphyz