16 Oct Is Barcelona on Your Bucket List?

Barcelona is one of the most common entries on many a bucket list. When you check out the huge range of different attractions and experiences on offer, it’s hardly surprising!

One of the biggest concerns about visiting any city for the first time is of course to do with how you’re going to get around. Research is the way forward here, because every city is different; some have metro systems, some have great taxi services, and some have something entirely different altogether! A little pre-reading will give you your options. When it comes to deciding how to get to and from Barcelona El-Prat Airport, you have a few options, but the best one is to think about hiring a limo. This isn’t anywhere near as expensive as you think, and you’ll get to travel in serious style, without having to stop at several hotels along the way (as with a transfer), or having to find a taxi or shuttle bus when you arrive, already exhausted.

Once you arrive at your accommodation, you’re free to roam and figure out what you want to do, but it is always best to have decided on this first, so you have more time at your disposal! Head online and find out what interests you, but for most people, one of the first ports of call will certainly be the famous Las Ramblas!

This is the main tourist hotspot of the city, and it is packed with street entertainers, cafes, shops, and beautiful architecture. Put simply, you haven’t been to Barcelona unless you have checked out Las Ramblas at least once! The famous gothic cathedral is another pull, and it’s always a good idea to head here very early in the day, if you want to avoid massive queues. This means that you will be able to see this famous and impressive sight, and also have time to do something else with the rest of your day, other than standing in line!

Barcelona is a fantastic spot for vibrant nightlife and shopping, and you can find something for every budget. If you want to do designer shopping however, you can certainly inflict a little damage on your credit card here!

Do you have a football fan in your midst? Then it has to be the Nou Camp, home of Barcelona FC. Alternatively, why not chill out at one of the many beaches around the city? Yes, you can combine beach and city in one day alone!