30 Sep Your Parking Space

Freedom is Yours!

The open road is an intoxicating thing; it basically denotes freedom, and freedom is certainly a tempting offer!

There is a good reason why road trips have never fallen foul of disappointment, and they have never fallen behind when it comes to popularity. Having the open road in front of you, a vague itinerary idea of where to go, and spontaneity on your side, this is something which everyone should experience at least once in their lives.

Of course, there is some planning which needs to go into such a trip, you can’t be completely spontaneous and fly by the seat of your pants, unless you want to get lost, that is!

For that reason, Yourparkingspace has put together a useful infographic, to help point you in the right direction, when it comes to your driving needs. To give you a little information, here are the main issues you need to cover pre-road trip.

Check Your Vehicle

First things first, make sure your car or other vehicle is up to the task! Do a full service with a reputable mechanic, and address any issues that may come up. Make sure you have the right insurance for you car covered, and ask about anything you’re not sure of.

Keep Your Important Documents Safe

You will need to keep your passport and visa (if applicable) with you, as well as your driving licence, any international add on (again if you’re overseas), as well as your insurance documents. These should be kept safe somewhere in your vehicle, locked away and out of sight.

Plan Your Route

There is a lot to be said for freedom, but freedom doesn’t mean being irresponsible! For this reason you need to plan your route, and it’s a good idea to do plentiful research first. Make sure you have checked out the roads you’re going to be on, as well as researching the local road rules. Find out the good things you don’t want to miss, and find out about the things that you can easily bypass, without wasting precious time going the long way around. Is there anywhere to stay along the way? Is there anywhere to top up your car? Where can you buy supplies? These are all things you need to find out.

Remember to Factor in Breaks

It’s important to have a break when you’re doing a lot of driving, and whilst you might want to get to your fantastic destination as quickly as possible, you need to have a breather! Aside from anything else, why would you want to rush a road trip, when you can take your time and really absorb what you’re seeing?

These are just a few of the most important things to remember and plan when you’re heading off on your road trip adventure. Wherever you’re going, one thing is for sure – this is going to be a trip of a lifetime!