13 Nov 5 Best Free Things To Do In NYC

Exploring New York City does not necessarily require that you spend a hefty portion of your travel budget on entrance fees. Although the majority of the Big Apple’s most popular tourist attractions charge fees, such as the Guggenheim (US$22) and the Empire State Building (US$27), there are many other things that you can do there without paying a centavo.


Central Park

Covering more than 800 acres of land, Central Park is an iconic New York City destination that has been featured in various movies and television shows. It is an urban park located in the heart of the city and has loads to offer in terms of recreation and entertainment.

All over the park, numerous monuments, statues, and sculptures stand, including the Alice In Wonderland Margaret Delacorte Memorial, Balto the sled dog, Angel of the Waters, Cleopatra’s Needle, Duke Ellington Memorial, and King Jagiello.

Furthermore, it is home to several ponds, sanctuaries, and lakes that serve as home to a diverse flora and fauna. It also has restaurants, theaters, and sports areas.

Battery Park

A public park encompassing 25 acres of New York City’s Manhattan Island, Battery Park is another NYC free attraction that offers countless of activities for tourists to enjoy.

It houses a number of memorials honoring America’s bravest soldiers including The Sphere for 9/11 victims, the East Coast Memorial for World War II servicemen, the American Merchant Mariner’s Memorial for the four seamen who were killed during a World War II attack, and the Korean War Memorial for veterans of said war.


There are a number of museums in NYC that are free of charge. To view some of the grandest collections of Spanish artworks in the world, drop by the Hispanic Society of America Museum and Library, which holds more than 600,000 hard-to-find manuscripts and books. If you want to learn the history and art style of the Native Americans in the country, visit the National Museum of the American Indian. For Japanese paintings and exhibits, go check out the Japan Society and avail of their free entrance offer on Fridays from 6 pm to 9 pm.

New York Public Library

The 104-year-old New York Public Library is home to various ancient and historical exhibits, including a Gutenburg Bible and a replica of the original Declaration of Independence. It is the country’s largest marble structure and has a spacious reading room that is adorned with high ceilings with Carre-and-Hastings lighting fixtures and can accommodate around 500 people.

Staten Island Ferry

If you want to see the Statue of Liberty but do not want to spend $12 for a ferry tour, take the Staten Island Ferry! Every year, this free commuter service that crosses the New York Harbor carries 19 million passengers. You simply hop on and hop off to get to and from Staten Island and New York City.

Chrysler Building

A classic Art Deco skyscraper hovering over Midtown Manhattan, the Chrysler Building is a fantastic sight to see especially at night. This 77-storey structure has triangular windows lined with bright lights that look gorgeous at night.

Photo Credit: Rishad Daroowala