16 Aug 9 Travel Size Items That Are Must Haves

When packing for any trip it feels like you need a million things, especially toiletries. As females we tend to like to have a whole lot of products and don’t necessarily want to leave them home on a trip. A great way to cut back on the amount of space your accessories, toiletries, and tools take up is to use as many travel size items as possible. Here are some of the best!

Travel size liquids – Shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and face wash can all either be purchased as travel size or you can but bottle to put your favorite products in. Bringing your entire bottle of shampoo, conditioner, or lotion can take up tons of unnecessary space especially when you surely won’t go through all of it.

Travel size flat iron – These flat irons are great because they come extra tiny and still do a good job. It’s worth the purchase to save on space and it’s something you will want to use on every trip in the future.

Travel size blow dryer – Many hotels will have blow dryers you can borrow but it’s likely you may go somewhere that doesn’t have them or you just want to have one of your own to be safe. A travel size blow dryer is about the size of your hand, which means it’s half the size of a regular blow dryer.

Toothpaste – This is another great one that you can buy about the quarter of a size of regular toothpaste. It may not seem like a lot on its own but every little bit of space you can save makes a difference.

Travel size brush or comb – These almost look like they are for dolls they are so small. They may not be as convenient as your regular brush for a trip it will do the trick.

Deodorant – Deodorant, like many toiletries, comes travel size and it’s a great idea to pick one of these up!

Razors – You can either buy a travel size razor or disposable ones which are nice because as you use them and throw them away, you are creating space in your bag.

Tide-to-go – There’s nothing worse than getting a stain on your clothes while on a trip where you may not have easy access to a washing machine. These little pens or pads are great to get small stains out quickly before they can set and to keep yourself looking good!

Travel size pack of band aids – It’s possible that during all the walking while exploring new places you may get blisters on your feet. Having a few band aids handy could really keep your day from becoming quite unpleasant and uncomfortable!